Lewis Cade

Student, Artist, and Writer in Columbus, Ohio

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From birth to bright day, I am content to be anywhere. In whatever situation, I spend the majority of my time observing the world, watching and listening to what is new, and what is often missed. Love for learning through exploring has brings me to countries near and far, as well as every available forest and park surrounding my Beavercreek Ohio home.

My one aim is to share the wonder I see in the world with other people, tell them the stories that are important but often forgotten, and connect them to a piece of the world (and themselves) that maybe, they never knew even existed. Whether that’s through thought-driven comics, pen illustrations, or words sitting left to right on a page, it all comes together somehow. Often, the process is as organic as what I take my inspiration from: people, and the wide range of culture and worlds that surround them and make them who they are.