Lewis Evans

Vancouver, BC. Canada

I engineer creativity for progress and profit for companies and organizations. My Conscious Organic Growth System (www.CreativeCOGS.ca) draws on my 30+ years of experience in marketing comms, social media, art, writing, inventions and entrepreneurial activities to bring new perspectives and effective solutions to enhance the bottom line.

Scribbleo.com is a great animation product of my company, Cogenica Media Inc., that is rocketing sales and compressing and clarifying information delivered on video for clients worldwide.

Art is my journey of self-discovery. See www.lewisevans.net.

Business mentoring and coaching. I work with companies and their personnel to help them along their chosen paths or to discover better ones!

My novel, Hominine - it's time to choose is available in digital and print via www.hominine.info.

Forex Education. I discovered something amazing about currency movements, and have been teaching it ever since (www.leftbraintrading.com).