Maria Lewis

Student and Artist in Lincoln, United Kingdom

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As an artist, I have spent much of my artistic life looking at the human form in differing aspects, focal points and methods. The way parts of the body vary from person to person, the changes in texture and colour of skin. I have looked into the way you see form and how the surroundings it is exposed to, and placed within, can potentially alter the way you view it.

I have an ongoing fascination with the way people's features vary, specifically the slight flaws, scars, and markings, etched on the skin that help to form an illustration of the person - who they are, their story and potential history within a still image.

I’ve found myself often being influenced by the techniques of Lucian Freud and Alyssa Monks. These artists’ methods with paint have influenced my own practice continually as I grow as a painter; I have attempted to mix the blend of colours and extensive palette of Freud’s work, together with the extreme detail and Romanticism of Monks.

Monks, along with artists like her, continue to be an ongoing fascination of mine. I have a perfectionist view point when it comes to my work that drives me as I strive to create pieces that cause the viewer to double take. Artists like Zaria Forman, Diego Fazio, and Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez continue to inspire my focus towards this art form.