Lewis Rocc


You know Lewis Rocc as Robbie from the group One Chance, an R&Bgroup originating from Chicago, Illinois. But what is his personal identity? Lewis is definitely a young man of many talents and has a unique image. Not only excelling in his vocal talents, he has the writing ability that takes anyone by storm. He has written for many artists of today such as Jawan Harris, Ciara, Usher, T-pain, Chili,Temelle, One Chance, and many more. His talents don’t cease there. He has also vocally produced many Indie and Major artists. "I have yet to
scratch the surface of my goals and accomplishments. I plan to be around for as long as music accepts me", states Lewis Rocc. His demographic covers the Hip-Hop genre as well as branching out to the Rock & Pop culture. This will be portrayed on his highly anticipated mixtape "RAW", soon to be released. Lewis Rocc's identity does not only lie in his musical talents but his trendsetter mentality. His GQ Hipster style sets him apart and with all of his upcoming projects, you definitely want to stay tuned! He will introduce you to his way of life, his mentality, his style and so much more.