Sam Lewis


I'm Sam. Originally from Cardiff, I moved to Edinburgh to study English Lit (alongside French and British History) as a first year student at The University of Edinburgh. Some of my favourite writers include Dickens, Orwell, Jane Austen and basically any writer of the Beat Generation. Outside of my studies I enjoy walking, running, cooking, music and reading and writing film journalism. When I ran a six-mile race for charity in 2012 I ran for two charities: Population Matters (who believe that overpopulation is the cause of many of Earth's problems) and Sane (who run a hotline for those suffering from mental health issues, and are of the belief that we should not be afraid to talk about such problems as bipolar disorder, insomnia, schizophrenia and depression).

  • Work
    • The University of Edinburgh
  • Education
    • Bedwas High school
    • The University of Edinburgh