Lewis S. Lewis

Connector in San Diego, California

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I’m the proud CEO and founder of Naked Viral Media Inc. An entrepreneur and humanitarian, I stir up world-class innovation in marketing and global media.

Known as the Thinker, I’ve been making waves in professional communications since 1984. I've recently brought ONEMOVEMENT®and The Paper Plate Project™to life with the intent to make a difference with a powerful influence, while bringing everyone else along for the ride too.

I’m a #1 Best-selling author on Amazon with my contribution to The Art and Science of Success series. My innovative global marketing strategies draw their inspiration from the greatest thinkers past and present. It’s my global perspective that gives me an edge in creating disruptive and highly impactful campaigns that create win-win situations for everyone involved and the world at large.

I’ve worked with some of the largest, most successful teams in the world and have built two of my own service oriented businesses. Since 2003, I’ve worn every hat to get my companies off the ground, from working in the trenches and going door to door, to training employees to satisfy customers at a high level.

My current quest with ONEMOVEMENT®
on ONEMOVEMENT.com, is dedicated to assisting businesses, entertainers, authors, and other professionals to make their voices heard and connect with quality-conscious consumers. I spearhead campaigns that leverage innovative and industry-evolving advertising, marketing and communication platforms to create powerful and positive change for our communities and our country.

As a true believer in simplicity, my days are driven by a passion for making the world a smarter place, while laying the foundations for a brighter future. My brainchild, The Paper Plate Project™ is set to leverage the power of community to depression-proof America and the free World through a simple yet extremely powerful solution to the economic adversity we currently face. Through incentivizing the support of local business, I’ve set out to realize my big dream to create a better world, one step at a time.

Above all, I believe in empowerment as the solution to the ever complex and challenging world we live in. I’m a Gulf War Veteran, small business owner, and long time dad who truly believes in the power of one individual’s voice to create big changes that serve the betterment of us all. I’m a solution oriented mind who holds each and every individual to the highest of expectations. I’ll stretch far

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