Hosted PBX

One of the latest businesses Voice over IP technology is Hosted PBX. This technology will allow the medium and the small business to have sophisticated system without investing on equipment. In fact, the complete system will be operated & maintained by VoIP service provider. Hosted PBX systems will let you work from home or a hotel or on the cell phone while being connected to the same office phone systems. You can transfer calls, you can also set up conference calls, put the calls on hold and also have the telephone answered by automated attendant who can direct the callers to different departments. There are certain key concepts of hosted PBX. Your phone system will be hosted and operated by the service provider and will work with the existing phone service or will completely replace them. It can also be used with mobile phones, landlines and VoIP service.

What are the benefits of having hosted PBX?

There are number of advantages you get with hosted PBX. You need not have to make a huge investment by purchasing office phone systems and also there is no need of maintenance. With PBX system, the phone systems will be operated & maintained by the service provider. The implementation is cost effective over a long run when compared to traditional PBX systems. Biggest benefit is the employees can work from anywhere. You can have the employees working from offices, home and also from overseas. This allows you to get local numbers in cities where you are not located physically which allows you to create virtual presence.

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