Lex Schoppi

- first public Event: 1979 - at a shool festival
- biggest public Event: 2008 - OPEN AIR in the front of 42000 People
- biggest TV Show: Eurovision - Circus of the stars - over 10 million People

- first Award: 2000 - Golden Magic Award
- biggest Honor: 2010 - Magic Author of the Year
- last Award: 2011 - Quick Change Artist of the Year

Since 2006 he has been travelling internationally under the name of LEX + ALINA with his Haute Couture Quick Change Show and won several golden magic awards.

The technical costume designer has been involved since 2000 as an advisor for show theatres, magicians and artists around the world. The coach and consultant works for magicians and artists, cruises, rockbands, comedians, singers, magicians, stars and topmodels. For the Eurovision TV he acted as coach and performer for several of the biggest TV Events in Europe.

With his specialist publications Lex Schoppi contributed significantly to the popularity of quick change on the magic scene.

Web: http://www.lexschoppi.com