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Derby UK

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Forget the house that Jack built....These are the words Lexia writes!... Not your average pic-a-nic basket BooBoo by any means, I'm here to serve up the tastiest & delectable morsels of erotica to devour greedily by all you lovely people in WordPress World! Having grown weary & despondent from supressing all my passion, sultry imaginings and general joie de vivre, I finally smelt the coffee - and a new day dawned! So, let me lead you down along the mysterious and intimate corridors of my mind... Immerse yourself in undiluted irresistible fantasy... Be it an account of wanton animalistic need that just has to be sated... Or an expression of amourous sensuality that reaches a fever pitch crescendo of ecstacy, I'm the girl for the job! It's dirty but hey someone has to do it eh?!

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