Lexia Donaldson

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lexia Donaldson is an emerging performing artist born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Equipped with a unique style and intense dedication to her art, performing seemed to be the only logical career choice for her. She has been exposed to an array of musical genres her whole life and it shows through the musical qualities in her dancing today. Adopting a deep love for hip hop and jazz music and a great passion and athleticism from a very young age, it's fair to say performing chose her. Imitating the music videos of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Missy Elliot and others was a frequent pass time for. After 9 years of sports and gymnastics training, she decided to to start training in dance instead and was accepted into Rosedale Heights School of the Arts dance major program. At age 14, she began her transition into dance and discovered the technique aspect to dancing. The hip hop club at her high school became her favourite sanctuary for expression, which she went on to run and choreograph for from 2012-2014. In 2015, Lexia was accepted into George Brown College's commercial dance studies program under the direction of Derek Sangster and has worked with names such as Ofilio Sinbadinho, Apolonia Velasquez, Karen Andrews, Robert Allen, Bill Coleman, Nicola Pantin, Dana Bondy, Cynthia Macedo, Patrizia Ferlisi, Maryanne Marsh, Peggy Baker, Bonnie Kim and more since she’s begun training. She continues to train in jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, vocal and acting and is just waiting to unleash her artistry into the world. Her style could be described as dynamic, musical and very versatile. As her career continues, Lexia is eager to add her addictive flavour all around the dance community.

  • Education
    • George Brown College - Commercial Dance Studies
    • Rosedale Heights School of the Arts - Dance Major