lexi constantine

Its hard you know, writing about yourself. You don't know whether you're being to vain, or saying stuff people really dont care about. I belive music helps us alot in life, it calms you, makes you happy. The hardest thing in life is to trust people, there are people out there who you can trust but there are plenty who you can't, the only person you can truly trust is yourself. You have to make things good in life, look at yourself from other peoples perspectives and thing postively. Thinking negitive gets you no where in life. Life is just a big challenge, you have to sort of go through obsticals to get the good things. I have a story behind alot of things on me, things people bring up. It's my life,my past and i've chosen to overcome the past and look to my future and get my head down is school, to really push myself. I admit i think negitvly to myself, but its my point of view. Its mostly down to the 4 year bullying and cyber bullying i have delt with, and the hate of tumblr and ask.fm. I dont belive in people being "strange" and "weird" people are just different, think if we were all the same how boing it would be?! I dont get how one person could be "ugly" and another "gorgeous" we are all either ugly or gorgeous we have the same skeleton, we all came from monkeys. No-one can be ugly, we are all beautiful in different ways, so respect that. Everyone has a story, and its thier choice if they want to share it not yours.