Lexie Perez

Brooklyn, Ny

Most people call me Lex and know I have a soft spot for curiosity, killer ideas & visually creative concepts.

So how did it all start? Well I used to work in TV production, then I became a gossip/music/entertainment blogger, shortly after I worked with indie musical artists helping them became the next YouTube mega star, then I worked in cable advertising + marketing, then I found social media.

In social, I sold soda, sold cookies (dare I say my tweet gave other brands social envy), sold kids toys, sold T-shirts + underwear, sold fabric softener, sold cheap greasy fast food - all through developing content strategies + social creative driven by insights & data.

These days I spend my days being a strategic thinker & doer putting together social strategy decks w/killer ideas to help sell more toilet paper, paper towels and tissues for one of the nation's leading CPG brands.

Outside of all this , I enjoy sick beats, melodic songs, and killer vocals. I also enjoy chasing powered mountains during the winter season. I'm risky & curious by nature.

Want to learn more? Reach out. ;)