🍼✨ Alexie /AnimeWife ✨🍼

Student in Massachusetts

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Hi! I'm Alexie/Lexie! 🍼✨

I'm a fourteen year-old cis female💦

I am an anime and meme addict👌🏻

I basically just shit post anime, so my page is kinda trashy.

My current animes include:



Assassination Classroom

And Aldnoah.Zero🍒

My kin list is a little messy and I am trying to fix, but my current kin are:

Mika (Owari no Seraph)

Kofuku (Noragami)

Karma (Assassination Classroom)

Izaya (Durarara!)

Togami (Dangan Ronpa)🌙

-If we share the same kin, it doesn't matter!! Double tags r cool!!-

Feel free to talk to me anytime!

My kik is: AlexieTime✨🍼