Lexii Isidro

Forever Hogwarts.

July 12th, unknown year

Today was the day that I was born, whoever is reading this. From then, a few years time, I would have done great things. But then, I fear that normal things would have happened to me like the others.

I hope that I would grow up like the others, dear Future Me. Everyone says that everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone has their own perks, their own set or rules, their own lists of likes and dislikes. But, why does everyone have to fit in? Why not stand out and be different for a change.

Future Me, please be careful. Its okay to make mistakes-as long as you learn a lesson after. I may not know what my purpose is, but I will. Soon enough, I hope.

One last thing, Future Me?

Just be thankful for what will happen in the future. I may not know what it may be, but hey. What can I say?

Im just a thought in my own mind.

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