Licensed Emotional Wreck in the United States

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Hello! I'm Alexis, but you can call me Lexi! Here's a not-so-brief summary about myself...


Lawful Good




Mage of Space

Actual theater trash (shows that I love are Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, The Great Comet, Falsettos, Avenue Q, Sweeney Todd, Come From Away, Hamilton,Waitress, Miss Saigon, Ghost Quartet, Wicked, Spring Awakening, Next to Normal, Something Rotten, Cabaret, West Side Story, Sound of Music, Chicago, and more that would take ages to list!

Enneagram type 2

A lover of the arts (dancing, acting, singing, music)



A very strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community

A big animal lover

A Nature Lover

An Opera lover

An Intersectional feminist

IEI Sociotype

The "mom friend"

A travel enthusiast who loves learning about the world

I generally try to have an optimistic outlook on life, but I am a very anxious person, so I tend to say or do some things that can be considered pessimistic

Things I Love: Music, art, drama, Broadway, opera, astrology, astronomy, tea, fortune telling, comics, books, travel, the world, learning different languages, animation, writing short stories, horror movies, Halloween/ creepy things in general, Ballet, dessert, documentaries, masquerade masks, Victorian things, hippie things, clothing design, creating original characters, fall, asian food, going on long runs, makeup, boots, tattoos, chokers, period clothing, classical music, musical guys, taking personality quizzes, geology, nature, flowers, calligraphy, YouTube, animals, Laika films, Studio Ghibli, freckles, tall people, piano music, lemon flavored things, mythology, mythical creatures,sushi, mythology, socks, and environmental science, literature, Broadway actors and actresses, Broadway ensemble members, orchestrators, lighting and designers, and everyone in the theater community who never gets enough recognition

Things I dislike: homophobia, transphobia, racists, ignorant people, body shaming, basically any kind of hateful shaming,Star Wars, Coffee, beans, ignorance,gossip, rumors, the Bachelor, Kappas, people who hate certain characters for shipping reasons, Donald Trump, hot weather, stockings, whitewashing, overly pretentious people, my anxiety, people who take others for granted, Jake Paul, and fake people