Alexandria Lanai

Honolulu, Hawaii

Also known as "Lexi" I am a writer (currently writing a book, LOVE OUT LOUD) I work as a graphic artist and in media at Word of Life Christian Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

My values, convictions and actions are centered around my relationship with God, and I value my relationship with God who is truly the source of my morale. I am a dreamer/fighter, I am an INFP (introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving) and I LOVE to write!

I apsire to return to school someday to major in Psychology. I love to do research and get information, I strongly believe that knowledge is power and what you don't know could be a detriment to your life. I tend to give great insight in the area of love and relationships (not just my opinion, lol). I dont mind being low key because I believe that the most powerful people in the world aren't the ones at the forefront of everything, but are the ones who work behind the scenes.

I love to run and learn boxing. My heroes in life are C.S. Lewis, Eric Liddel, Rocky Balboa (character), my pastor and my mentors. I mentor women on a weekly basis.