Lexi Webb

Kona, HI

June, 8th 2013

3 weeks till outreach!! YAY! Our tickets are booked and I can hardly wait! Departure to Johannesburg, South Africa is just around the corner!

Pray for us as we prepare for this experience! The enemy is definitely trying to attack our team in the areas of finance, health, and disunity. We have had many team members feel like outreach isn't a possibility because of finances and also we have a lot of people getting sick! Just last week we had someone break their ankle... she obviously will not be able to be a part of our production. But GOD can completely heal her we know!

God is doing so much in my life! So I guess HE thinks I'm a leader or something because I am being pushed SOO hard! I came here as a student in January and in April I was co-leading a DTS and now in October I will be leading a secondary school! So crazy or what?? I'm so excited but really feel like I am going to need so much strength from the Lord!

Traveling to South Africa will definitely be interesting... I will be with a group of 5-10 girls all from different countries traveling in many airports all around the world! Might not sound that bad but last weekend I took a trip with 8 girls to Honolulu, HI. Just a quick little weekend "joy trip" only an hour flight... turned into being one of the craziest weekends of my life! Talk about stress!! After spending about an hour at the car rental place we finally decided the only person in our group that was eligible to drive was a French girl who had never driven in the US, or driven an automatic car. FREAK OUT! So I was in the passenger seat trying to direct her in the very busy city of Honolulu... at night. As we approach one of our first stop lights... It was red. No big deal right? Lexi: "It's red.... it's red.....IT'S RED!!: *extremely abrupt stop, screaming in the back seat, and whip lash* Just the beginning of a very insane and chaotic weekend, so prayers for our travels would be greatly appreciated.

As I am sitting on the top of a hill looking out at the moon and stars, I can't forget to thank the big guy up there for the abundance of blessings in my life. I live on the big island of Hawaii, my family ROCKS, I have the most amazing friendships and relationships I've ever had in my life, and Jesus loves me more than I'll ever be able to comprehend! Thank you Jesus!

Goodnight :)

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