Alexa Potts

Hi I'm Alexa, or Lexi, I love creating beautiful things to inspire others and express myself I'm kooky and love it. At school I'm a bit of an outcast because of the way I carry myself. I have never really had enough money to by the "coolest" clothes but I DO pride myself on apperance (Never tank tops or shorts) and I think it's not fair to judge others on how they look, behave or think. So don't act like your someone your not because what you are is weird, In the opinion of society. Be who you want to be don't let others put you down. ^_^

It means the world to me when I get compliments because I have low self esteem and am kinda shy. But if I get comfortable I am more ... exciting. I use educated language and like tricking people. I love drawing and Painting, I am in Australian. Youth. Choir, I climb trees, take photos (Like my sister) and someday wish to travel. So in a nutshell that' ME.