Lexi R

My writing is like peanut butter. Peanut butter is held in a jar with a sealed lid. I like to keep my feelings inside and leave my problems to be personal; therefore, I only write for myself. However, once in a while someone opens me up, able to read me. You'll get spoonfuls of me, little by little, but never all at once. Like eating peanut butter, I am constantly stuck on my words. It takes time for me to have a voice, but after a struggle, at the end of the day, my writing tastes good. My writing will always be a reflection of who I am. Like peanut butter I can be nutty, but always with a sweet intention. I don't have a filter and as this helps me in some ways, it can sometimes make my words hard to swallow. Peanut butter can be enjoyed at any time of the day and whenever I'm hungry to write, with a little bit of inspiration, I can express my thoughts. Like peanut butter, my writing is always satisfying.

This photo was taken By sammie619