Lexis Zeidan

Detroit, MI.

Creative minds are rarely tidy, and for me that is true. I'm a Michigan State University alumni who makes a difference, everyday. Communications major, Public Relations Specialization, and a Sociology minor- if I had a money tree in my backyard, my degrees would be endless because I truly do have a passion and interest for everything. However, I have never limited or confined myself and I am a true advocate for gaining knowledge and wisdom through experiences and my background can vouch for me. I have participated in Academic Games in middle school to Yearbook Staff in high school and led on to be the President of the Arab Cultural Society in college and have interned with the Department of Education and currently a 2014 Teach For America Corps Member. Through all these rich, diverse experiences I have learned to aggressively work, daily, to accomplish goals inspired by my own feelings. I have and always will look to better myself, which is why my response, when most people ask "What sets you apart and makes you a viable candidate?" is, "I'm never at my best and I always seek to become better, and for this reason, I will always be a hard, passionate, dedicated worker, learner, and person."

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