Lex Kogan

Lex Kogan is an altruistic man who is passionate about helping others. He has lent himself to people in distress for years. He is continually looked to for his leading insights about the methodology of depleting addiction. His dedication to specialized addiction therapy has had remarkable consequences.

Lex Kogan has always advocated the combinative powers of holistic cures and conventional medicine to treat addiction. His own health has benefited from regular physicals and a proper diet. These natural components of a healthy lifestyle have led him to suggest holistic treatments and therapies in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Having developed a pioneer method of therapy, Lex Kogan utilized the ibogaine root. The beneficial effects of this natively African root were used in African cultures since the 19th century. The ibogaine root's positive health effects have always proven useful in addiction therapy. It has anti-associative properties that affect dopamine receptors linked to addictive traits. Designed to break this psychological tendency, Lex Kogan ibogaine therapy works.

Timed doses of ibogaine allow users to relate the substance with their body in a specific way. Consuming the root makes the damaging effects of addiction more visible in the addict's mind. Within a short time, users experience and maintain diminished urges for their addictive substances. Perhaps the greatest benefit, Lex Kogan ibogaine treatment significantly reduces withdrawal symptoms.

This method of therapy is mostly used to combat harsh addictions to substances like heroin and assorted opiates. Lex Kogan ibogaine treatment has certainly demonstrated positive results in alcohol addiction and others. This method is increasing in its popularity, breaking chains of addiction and associative psychological symptoms.

Lex Kogan took part in a popular TV show in 2007. But instead of pursuing a career in acting, he found a new passion for spreading his addiction cure. He is now a leading voice in innovative, alternative medical treatments for the disease of addiction.