Àlex Pérez García

Barcelona, Catalunya

(BETA) Since 1995 I've been working with computers & technology, in many different ways.

In the beginning, in the early nineties, I started to work with old intranet installations, managed with Windows NT servers and different linux distro. With all those coaxial and Ethernet connectors, and hundreds of meters of cable running through offices and labs, ending in hubs covered in green blinking led lights and noisy servers. These digital era was very manual, my best tools were a good cable stripper and a multiple screwdriver. Today Wi-Fi is more clean and "easy", but all those cables were not for sissies ;-).

A Lot of times it was similar to a mechanic work . It was a good starting point for understanding how data

Developing software was one my labour goals, creating applications was a intense mind job. Programming languages were like an enormous toolboxes that let me make things "real" in computers. Computers were made for programs, without them they're just pieces of junk. I started with some of the ugliest languages, VisualBasic for Applications, COBOL and the fearsome C++.


Requirements recollection & analysis, Solution Scenario Modelling, Solution Development. ALL 4 the WEB!

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