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Teacher in Munich, Germany

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Born few years ago pretty close to Bilbao. When I was almost 3 I went to school and I moved to high school when I was almost 16. Exactly 2 years later, I started my math studies at EHU. The next 5 years I spent my time reading theorems&proofs and trying to draw abstract things. I got lost and found myself in arithmetic, algebra, probability, geometry and topology, I learnt how tidy the Manhattan metric is and Whatever Works. I felt like playing with applications so I studied the master on QFB where I realized that in most cases the best is to Take the Money and Run. I'm doctor by EHU since September 2015 after I worked on my PhD in math finance at TUM.

I lived in Madrid for 3 years where I had lots of Sweet and Lowdown experiences. I keep the hope to come back.

I'm a big fan of the 7th art, I specially and very much like Woody Allen. There is nothing better than a book... What about (a) good friend(s) to enjoy a Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy?