Damage Hair Dryer

I wish it had a longer cord, cool air flow to set curls. Itis too easy to shut off, the hot setting is too hot, usually only use on low.Use my regular hair dryer to start the drying process, then I style.

I can't curl my hair to save my life. This product makes itso easy!! It's literally like just brushing your hair with a round brush.

I'm recovering from shoulder surgery so I can't use myhairdryer and brush as I normally would also because of hair dryer damage. Thishas made drying and styling my hair - one handed - so much easier. I purchasedone prior to ordering this but had to return it because the airflow was tooweak and the heat just wasn't what I wanted.

It is very hard to use especially if you have longer hairlike I do. It is also kind of hard and bulky to use.

I love this whole set it really works really great, I'mletting my hair grow out some for the very find time in about twenty fiveyears, and I wanted to be able to curl my hair this work's great, and the curlsstay in, and you can't beat the price either.

I got compliments on my hair the first time I used it. It isa terrific choice and saves you money!!

I have been using this model hot air brush for a number ofyears and wouldn't switch to another product. Wish I could purchase replacementbrushes from Conair.

That is until the hairdryer exploded while I was drying myhair. Red plastic pieces flying everywhere with smoke coming from the dryer.The dryer was not damaged or dropped prior to the explosion.

I am African American (ethnic hair) and I don't get relaxersso when my hair gets wet it is literally a fro. Well The comb attachment wouldnot stay on the drier every time I would try to work it through my hair(explains how thick it is) so i ended up duck taping the comb head on whichworked perfectly. Over all the blow dryer is great, just duck tape the combhead on if that is what you use for your hair.

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