Laila Rahman

Lagos Nigeria

Laila was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm a scorpio. Professional makeup artist, sfx, naturalista and an enterprenuer. Vlogging and blogging was a career that i never dreamed of having but always wanted. Got interested in modeling and was encouraged to do so by my family and peers. Started my natural hair journey about a year and two months ago, seeing that its so beautiful which is why i also want to help other women realize their kinky hair is beautiful and declare they must change their thinking; not the texture of their hair "Say No to relaxers". I'm self-described innovative, creative, good-hearted, fly hippie who loves God. i utilize many outlets that allow me to be creative including fashion, modeling and music. I'm humorous, down to earth,more of an introvert but seem like an extrovert, chic urban-tribal style and blog, My blog not only concentrates on natural hair but also art, fashion, Makeup, Poems, Lifestyle.