New York, New York

Before you come alive, life is nothing; it is up to YOU to give it meaning. The same applies to art and WHAT FREEDOM! Art should cause what Plato called "the source of all philosophy": surprise...making the unfamiliar familiar. I want to "dare to disturb the universe." So many of us roam the Earth half-awake, gliding through our years on the backs of routine, patterns, and daily monotony. People become numb to life and beauty and sounds. Once we leave convention, often through art, we see things freshly and life becomes bright and vibrant again! There is a magical universality of music that transcends language and culture. Songwriting is my true passion because it can reach through to people in such a primal, instinctual way. Above all, I love to sing. When everything in life is dismal and gray, the only way I can ever express my inner turmoil is through singing.

I'm a singer-songwriter from Hell's Kitchen, NYC. Starved for stars, dream of silk sheets, and often wonder what the view is like from the moon. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, I play a beautiful Takamine guitar named Prufrock. I wear flip-flips through 'til winter, look directly into the sun (don't ask me why), and like holding buttercup flowers up to my chin. I've seen 2 shooting stars so far (still waiting for that third) and am obsessed with cobblestones. I use strings of Christmas lights year 'round and 3 dollar champagne is fine by me. I could read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" everyday. I love the smell of old books, leather, just-sanded wood, winter air and campfires. I love to laugh. I have habits like cracking my knuckles, yawning, counting the steps as I walk up and down stairs, and falling in love. I think heaven's here on earth, family and love are the most important things and I want to be your friend.

Lezane graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors of Art in Professional Music and a Minor in Drama. Lezane’s original Pop-Rock music carries powerfully thoughtful lyrics alongside carefully constructed compositions that linger in your mind long after you’ve listened. Her versatile singing voice can represent any genre from jazz to R & B and Musical Theatre to Rock n’ Roll. Her stage presence is warm yet commanding and her passion for live performance and theatre is always apparent. Among all else, her music and performance encompass the joy, awareness, and positive energy that is forever within

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