Leonardo Lezcano

Dr. Leonardo Lezcano holds a PhD in Computer Science. He has authored more than 30 articles and impact factor publications in scientific journals and international conferences. Several years of experience in scholar/academic settings, across three European universities, have involved research, lecturing and tutoring responsibilities. He has participated in multi-million euro research projects, carried out by international consortiums of approx. 10 universities and enterprises from all over Europe. Leading other researchers to guarantee the use of cutting-edge technology, as well as designing the best approaches towards the efficient achievement of goals, are examples of Dr Lezcano’s role in these projects.

In order to embrace the current big data revolution, Dr. Lezcano’s research fields include machine learning, predictive analysis, social network analysis, data mining, pattern recognition, decision support systems and effective data visualizations, among other elements of data science. Merging these techniques with experience and intuition enable us to listen to massive amounts of data and act upon it.

Full resume at leonardolezcano.com