Lezlie Ward

Columbus, Indiana, US

+--Get a personal experience of yoga, energy modalities, meditation, or life coaching tailored to your needs.

Intuitive nurturing guidance, paired with 20+ years of experience, including nationally certified yoga training, yoga therapy training, Advanced Training in Energy Therapy Modalities, and M.Ed. Masters in Counseling.

Do you want more Peace in your Life? Lezlie has helped hundreds of people feel more relaxed and alive in their bodies and souls.

For Private instruction contact Lezlie at yogawithlezlie@gmail.com or (812) 457-1414. Available to teach private sessions to individuals, couples & groups.

Gift Certificates available.

Meditation Sampler Class; 3 Week Series Starts

Thursdays 8/28, 9/4, 9/11 10:45- noon. One Body One Soul Wellness. Beginners welcomed. Meditation instruction fit to your lifestyle. Claim your peace; practice meditation. 457-1414 for details.


Monday 9:30 am Chair Yoga at Zen Fitness, 4th and Franklin~ $12 Drop-in by package

Monday 11am Total Fitness, Middle Road ~ Membership required

Tuesday 12:20pm Body Mind Spirit Yoga at Zen Fitness, 4th & Franklin ~ this class resumes when school is in sesson 8/5/14

Wednesday 11am Total Fitness

Thursday Private class at Harrison Lake

Register for Zen at www.myzenfitness.com

For info on private yoga sessions to meet your personal needs, contact Lezlie directly.

All fitness & experience levels welcome. Lezlie excells at making yoga fit you and your personal circumstances. She helps people who think can't move find the joy of being in a body. Everyone can do yoga. You can start today.

Dances of Universal Peace: this moving meditation that honors all spiritual paths happens each Second Saturday of the month from 4-6 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation 7850 W. Goeller Blvd. cost $7 beginners welcome.

Contact Lezlie at (812) 457-1414


  • Education
    • Indiana University
    • B.S. in Marketing
    • M. Ed in Counseling