lesli jazmin olvera daniel

tuxtla gutierrez,chiapas

i was born on march 9,1996 in the city of mexico.

my father is jose olvera gutierrez and my mother is veronica daniel xicotencalt,i love my parents.i have two brother their names are jhovany olvera daniel and jhonathan emmanuel olvera daniel

I studied in kindergarten narciso mendoza at the age of four years, where second and third year curse.

at 6 years of age start primary. school is called cuauhtemoc where only curse first and second year since my parents decided to change my school for my beloved grandmother take care of me with my brother.the school where the third year curse called antony case.

the fourth year my dad instead I school, a primary call pay laurels. This year there were two important stages in my life, the first is that I met one of my best friends which to this day still is, and the second stage was the death of one of my brothers newborn was this very difficult situation because the whole family left us very bad. the fifth grade the curse at the same school. the sixth year they returned me to change schools if again. and to end the stage of primary school called constitution and reform.

Then as they realize my childhood was not very interesting, because it was a little shy girl because it did not have too many friends.

at 12 years among secondary jose maria pine suares but I was only half a year in this school because I had to change the state of Comalapa , Chiapas where secondary technical school finished at 32.high school was the best time in my life, there I met many of my best friends, their names they are alejandra, guadalupe, caty, delia, sandra, pearl, eduardo.

by the way, when was fourteen my mom got pregnant and had my third baby brother

I had very good grades in high school, thanks to those good grades I got many awards for each partial happened.

At fifteen years between high school, and for this I moved to Tuxtla Gutierrez where curse my freshman year in high school called number seven tuxtla my stay was very nice since I met good friends daniela, jose manuel, john fernando, esdras and aldo

at sixteen years I return to comalapa to continue my studies.

at seventeen years at seventeen curse third grade school in the area of mathe

  • Work
    • universidad politecnica de chiapas
  • Education
    • engineering in software development