Luis F. Paris

I´m an industrial engineer and MBA.I´ve lived inVenezuela,Spainand have spent long periods of time in theUSandGermany.

Since the very beginning of my professional career, I've played different roles in multinationals. My areas of expertise are project management, outsourcing of IT operations and off-shoring.

I have delivered IT projects, for fast moving consumer good companies, in more than 12 different countries. I've also led innovation teams and have been actively involved since the creation of the ideas till its implementation.

I´m a former member of the Venezuelan equestrian league and more recently, an outdoor enthusiast: I´ve climbed mountains in 3 continents, and have taken part in two different expeditions to the Artic.

I also like to spend free time with my family and getting up to date with the latest technological innovations, particularly the ones related to internet and social media.