Leticia Cruz

Hello! My name is Leticia Cruz. I am 34 years old and originally from New York. I moved to Arizona in 1995 with my family and now reside in Cave Creek with my boyfriend of two years. I have been working as an Executive Assistant & Office Manager for the last 10 years but the sedentary lifestyle of this job caused me to make the decision to change my career.

I have been working out since 2001. I feel I workout best with a personal trainer because they push me to go further than I would on my own and they hold me accountable. I can't help but think that everyone might need this push at one point or another no matter the level of experience. Look at all of the athletes that have been training for years! They wouldn't do it without a trainer!

Health and nutrition in a general sense intrigues me, which leads to my desire to learn more and teach others. For a long time, I have been interested in teaching the benefits of fitness and nutrition. I am currently enrolled in classes to obtain my Aerobics Instructor certificate through ACE. My passion is to teach Zumba & Kickboxing. Not only will this allow me to teach what I love, but it will also keep me active every day. A long term goal of mine is to obtain my degree as a Register Dietician and open a dance studio with a nutrition center since both diet and exercise are equally important to a healthy lifestyle.