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WELCOME TO LFD, a blog we created as single 30 year-old women to chronicle the craziness that is online dating today. LFD means “looking for dates.” Or “looking for dudes.” Or, if you’re feeling really edgy, “loving, f-ing, dating.” Think of it like Sex and the City, only the main characters are much poorer and prefer wearing sweatpants whenever possible.

In addition to documenting our dating life, LFD serves a few main purposes:

1) It’s something to do during really boring work meetings.

2) We’ll need source material for pitching “theLFD: The Movie,” which we predict will be Jennifer Lawrence’s comeback vehicle in 2016.

3) Other single people deserve a preview of what they could be in for. As some guy in the 16th century said: forewarned is forearmed. In 21st century terms, we’re just giving a girl on a bad date the chance to slip out through the bathroom if necessary.

4) The cops will have our last known whereabouts should drinks with the cute musician from okCupid suddenly turn into a real life episode of Stalker.

5) This will serve as proof of our adoration to future boyfriends / husbands / really-good-looking-and-not-too-old Sugar Daddies. “Do you SEE how many weirdos I went out with before I found you?! It was like having drinks with the cast of a Ryan Murphy show…FOR TEN STRAIGHT YEARS. But I did it. I did it to find you. That’s love, baby!”

We hope you read this and laugh. We hope you read this and share it with other people. But mostly, we hope you read this and then set us up on blind dates with your hot single friends.

Here’s to not living in a Katherine Heigl movie and being thankful about that because…well…she really sucks,