Luís Felipe Ventorim Ferrão

Piracicaba, SP, Brazil

Felipe is a biologist and a PhD student of the Department of Genetics, University of São Paulo (ESALQ/USP).

His current research project involves the development of statistical methods for genomic prediction in genomic selection. He is working with molecular data (SNPs) originated by techniques of next generation sequencing, like GBS (Genotyping by sequencing). He has concentrated his studies in Computing for Statistical Genetics (especially in R software), mixed models and, more recently, Bayesian approaches. Furthermore, during the graduation and masters, he participated in studies of genetic diversity, development and validation of EST-SSR markers and QTL mapping. Most of his studies are focused on Coffea canephora, which is one of the coffee species most consumed in the world.

  • Work
    • University of São Paulo (ESALQ, USP)
  • Education
    • PhD Student, Department of Genetics