Linda Ferguson

Damaris Toma me too!

Lover of food, family, typography, architecture & all things Chicago!



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Born right here in the U.S. of A., raised in Maryland, and currently residing in the same place, where I work from home as a Marketing Social Media Specialist for several firms. I'm a wellness coordinator sharing Juice Plus+ whole based nutrition. Food served on tiny plates is delicious, I agree. Greatful to all that help me! If your not in it to win in stay out of my way.

You'll never find me far from my mobile tech (dream of a galaxy, but lovin my iphone5 for all its bells and whistles the matching T/pab/d, of course), and I absolutely love Android too! as evidence by my ever-expanding collectibles.

Current obsessions: every version of the stay out of the limelight. I like peace and quite and cherish every moment I get.

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