Lanette A. Fields

Natick, MA

I have lived an isolated life. I live, learn, and let others do the same. My life has been compramised, and invaded. People are not who they seem, altered personalities. I have gone through a change yet I remain the same. Non-submissive, I maintain my life as an independent. I am indeed the sole survivior, of a legacy unfulfilled...

May The universe protect my five beautiful children, for I have sacrificed them to you.

Michael Turner, Darius R Fields Jr, Jamilah Turner-Grady--Angelique Turner (Nikki Scott) Akilah Turner (Monique Barnett)

R.I.P (to my deceased husband Darius R. Fields Sr.

Last But not least My one true love...

Melvin E Ashley, I will never forget and always love you and only you

  • Work
    • United States Post Office Waltham MA
  • Education
    • Professional Training