Cindy Smith

I prefer to remember a happier more youthful time in my life, so don't let the pic deceive you. I'm really a mean old grumpy witch, with a "B" (B is for BabyBoomer, what were you thinking?) :-) For real though, the Bday is Halloween, so if the costume fits... I say wear it.

I'm a ten year cancer survivor and my interests lie in politics, since politics entails lots of lies... family, proud mother of three.... a daughter (Cardiac ICU RN and mother of four) who rarely speaks to me, a son (CPO USN) who has cut me off completely and a young daughter (Mom of one and student of life), who still considers me a friend. They're all successful, so I must have done something right along the twisted paths of this so called life... I may be old, but I'm not stupid enough to deny that it's past time for us as a humanity to stand up and take account for the damage we've done to the earth and work on permanent solutions to end the ongoing slaughter of the planet, and if that means we have to clean out Washington to get things accomplished, then I say bring your mops, brooms and buckets and let's get busy!!!