Flora / Luma

Artist in New York

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hi aah my name is flora but you can call me luma or any of my kins!

I'm really friendly and I get excited easily and I'm outgoing and I really like to draw ! im a bit paranoid at times and I do get really down if im left alone,,,

im 14 years old, I'm a Capricorn, and I was born on Jan. 16 :0

im pansexual and im fiction kin with some characters, (but you can follow me if you kin with them too !! I don't mind !!!)

main kins will have stars next to them






soul eater:

•soul Evans



•Princess Luna**

•Queen chrysalis






•miss langtree

Adventure time:

•Marceline the vampire queen**

•Ice Queen

•Flame Queen

Dangan ronpa:

•Touko fukawa

•junko enoshima