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Thank for your interest toward the 5th Ave. Alliance / LGB-TSAP. A nonprofit organization which was established toward giving assistance to many lives within the LGB-Transgender community within the states of North /South Carolina.

This organization's goal is to assist with sustaining stability within daily living situations by way of positive proactive progress within society to avoid being at risk.

There are many daily risks that can affect the positive livelihood of many LGB-Transgender community members struggling daily to live may consists of: Substance Abuse, Illiteracy, Incarceration, Homelessness, Suicide, HIV /Aids, Prostitution, Murder, and so much more.

5th Ave Alliance / LGB-TSAP project utilizes and provides with assistance to its LGB-Transgender clients 5 key items: Housing, Education, Employment, Healthcare, Legal assistance services, life skill training and programs that are presently available and provided within statewide organizations, agencies, and businesses within/ throughout the state of North and South Carolinas.

5th Ave. Alliance / LGB-TSAP Project’s goal is to gain funding, to assist the LGB-Transgender community members within those 5 keys, should it be found established state wide agencies programs or avenues of funding are unavailable toward assistance.

5th Ave Alliance /LGB-TSAP's annual Funding is expected to arrive from many avenues such as: donations, grants, and from it's annual appreciation awards luncheon, and yearly events with hopes to assist with it's projected goal up to 8 recipients per year.

Here within 5th Ave. Alliance / LGB-TSAP, there is a belief its 5 key formula shall begin a positive proactive resolution toward the well being and security of many lives that could or may be at risk with a second chance of a successful life.

Thus the reason this organization prides itself to be recognized as a LGB-Transgender Stability Assistance Project

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