Drew Rose

I'm a [digital] marketing strategist. I like enabling others. I'm an explorer.I like big ideas and asking 'why?'

My story:

Everyone had gotten up from the table at the diner and headed towards the door, bellies full. Realizing they were one child short, they looked back and there I was still at the table, meticulously applying butter to each square of my Belgian waffle.

I never sought perfection. It was an exercise in optimization, even when I was too young to know what that meant.-As someone with too many interests and curiosities than time and focus will allow, I learned early on and by necessity how to prioritize and allocate time and energy.

I split my time into three areas:


+ 8 yrs shooting & editing video

+ Freelance event photography

+ Design fascination

+ Visual user experience design


+ Built computers from scratch for video editing

+ Worked in IT

+ Built websites & Wordpress theme modification

+ Technical SEO

+ Ruby on Rails web app development

**Science (as applied to marketing)

+ Cognitive Psychology

+ Psycholinguistics

+ Social Psychology

+ User Experience Optimization

+ Complex Adaptive Systems


I’ve since retired waffles and meticulously drown everything in hot sauce.