Iowa City, Iowa

Creative. Passionate. Unstoppable. Delightful.

Four adjectives that describe my personality and life approach. I recently graduated from the University of Iowa where I studied the intersection between health, gender, and media studies. I have been working as a yoga instructor and personal trainer for the last 5 years, taking any opportunity to help local creative start-ups with marketing and outreach. My passion is located in public relations and how I can help companies market their products and services to various clientelle using attentive knowledge to gender dichotomies.

I am a independent minded, entrepreneurial slighted individual who has travelled to France to learn a new language, on my own, and started my own personal training business and fragrance line from the ground up.

In my free time I obsess over Kinfolk magazine, enjoy taking extensive hikes throughout the wild west, creating healthy recipe submissions for my fitness focused blog, and trying to explore the tiny pockets of happiness that reside in any and all situations.

My dream is to work for a creative start-up that is happiness oriented, wether that is in fashion, food, fitness, or adventure. I am a social butterfly with a network as vast as my determination.

I'd be delighted to meet you.

  • Work
    • Hot Yoga Instructor & Budding Marketer
  • Education
    • University of Iowa