Lee Gramz

Youngstown, Ohio, United States

My real name is Leon Scott Bka Lee Gramz I'm originally from Cleveland Ohio Then Move to Warren Ohio I left Warren when I was in the 9th grade Then Move to Mahoning County Youngstown Ohio (SouthSide) I'm a quick learner I dropped my first Mixtape June 2015 Called Rise 2 Grind Da Mixtape hosted By Dj Clout in Dj Mf Cash aslo myself Lee Gramz in a couple other artistis around the area NOW spinrilla.com/mixtape/dj-clout-rize-2-grind DatPiff.com/rize2grind I'm working on another Mixtape(Gramzworld) There's a lot of work to be done tune in for more of your one and only Gramzman I also wanna say thanks to everyone who showing me some love I really appreciate it......

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