Lalita Hamill

Langley BC

Lalita Hamill, BA, AFCA

Lalita discovered her artistic abilities in the final year of her Philosophy degree. While bored and stuck at a friend’s house in the Victorian snowstorm of 1996, Lalita selected a book of photos off the shelf and began to draw. This led to six more years of drawing, including regular classes in powdered graphite and further classes at the Vancouver Academy of Art, where she studied methods of the Old Masters for four years.

Yet it was not until a severe car accident in 2003, in which her husband was severely injured, that Lalita decided that “life is too short to wait”, and soon thereafter plunged herself full time into her passion for visual art. With fifteen years of teaching experience, an eye for composition and beauty and the philosophical training to discuss art, Lalita was the sole provider for her husband and daughter for five years.

Lalita has received many awards for her paintings and community involvement. She is a popular instructor and juror, and collectors are taking notice.

Lalita currently lives with her husband and three daughters in Langley, BC. She is also a writer, a philosopher, a coach, and a musician. Visit

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