Laren Hammonds


I am an English teacher at Rock Quarry Middle School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A two-time graduate of The University of Alabama (B.S. in 2004, M.A. in 2013), I have worked in the Tuscaloosa City Schools since 2004.

Through my daily instruction, I work to provide students with opportunities to grow as savvy media consumers and producers. Additionally, I feel fortunate to have opportunities work alongside colleagues and pre-service teachers, learning together and growing our profession.

I was the 2012 high school teacher recipient of the Chiquita Marbury Technology Innovation Award and the 2013-2014 Rock Quarry Middle School and Tuscaloossa City Schools Secondary Teacher of the Year.

For more details and access to some of my writings, photos from my classroom and school, and archives of professional chats I have led, please see the links below.

I also invite you to check out some of my most recent pieces on collaborative online storytelling, gaming and literacy, and cultivating student leaders to support innovative tech-embedded practices.