Lends MdR

I am Lends, 21 and a 4rth year college student at NEU. I am who I am . I don't have to change any of me, nor any of my attitudes just to be loved by the crowd. I don't have to do fake attractions just to be noticed by anyone. Whenever I am unnoticed, I would rather keep quite and watch them talking. Love me or Hate, I would still be me. But I like individual who tries to catch my attention. My perception of such is wanting to get friendship with me and I appreciate it. I love funny things. I love making things funny, I love people with great sense of humor. I'm a music lover and days without music would be perfectly incomplete. I'm a good friend unless you're not. I am an ambitious one, Yes I am. Aside from becoming hopefully a business woman, I also wanted to become an Architect someday. I want to build houses, buildings as well. I wanna get married with the man of my dream, the man whom I will offer my whole life with- after God. Fact I'm in love with is whenever how my friend's would react each time they hear another name of a man from me..."sino nanaman yan?" hahaha. I'm just a friendly creature that would love make friends with boys! chos. Haha.