Lheya :)

I'm lheya. Living in the world for 19 years now at Laspiñas City.

Tahimik pero bolero. Isang ngiti palang, mapapaibig kana. Hindi na kasi ako bata. I don't think that I'm a tomboy nor bisexual. I’m still a girl. I like to look nice sometimes. I like wearing make-up occasionally. I like to sing & dance & play around like that with my girlfriends. I like hanging with the girls, doing hair & make-up & whatnot sometimes. I like shopping every now & then. I’m into the teen magazine stuff. Btw- I’m attracted to guys ONLY, & I have a major crush on & flirt with one of my guy friends. But I’m not one of those short skirt - tube top - high heels - heavy makeup whores. I don’t even own a skirt. Am I just weird? Or am I lucky to be capable of fitting in with both sexes? Personally, I like tom-boy girls more. But, I hate to stereotype it that way though. I honestly think it all depends on your impression on what a “girly-girl” and a “tom-boy” is. I like a girl that can look good, wear makeup, yet, party the night away with me and likes to have a good time. I also like aggressive girls, I think that’s very appealing. I like girls that could throw me up against the wall and make out with me on the spot. But, that’s just me. I’m a freak, I know.