Lheza Ayon


I'm 19 years old.

My friends call me banene, lhezagurl & babiiboi.

Simple, jocund and clever.

Currently studying my studies in Batangas State University JPLPCin my prefered course, BS in Information Technology.

My favorite sports are Taekwondo and Karatedo.

I'm a BOOKWORM and I want a whole room as a library in my house someday.

I'm devoted in WRITING. I write stories since I was in Grade 4. Some of my stories was uploaded in Wattpad, some are typed in microsoft word & compiled in my netbook and the others are still handwritten in my journals.

I love MOVIES. Especially those who have genres of Comedy, Sci-fi, Romance with twists (Hunger Games etc.) & Fantasy (Twilight, Mortal Instruments, Divergent & etc. )

My passion is DESIGNING. I sketched sceneries, creating new designs for web pages and my dream is to be a fashion/interior designer someday.

And I hate feeling like I'm never good enough.....

  • Education
    • Studies BS Information Technology in Batangas State University JPLPC