Lionel Hilaire

Writer, Father, and Life Coach in Sunrise, Florida

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Lionel Hilaire is a sought after Mentor, Motivatonal Speaker and Minister. His passion is to first love and serve his wife and children, ignite dreams and actvate purpose in the lives of those he iscalled to. He has humbly served in his community at Tire Kingdom through customer service and management since 2011.

Married to his sweetheart since 2005, he grew in wisdom to understand marriages and relatonships. Alongside his wife, they offer effective spiritual and practical group coaching, counseling, conferences and community events to empower and encourage at risk families.

Lionel is known for his famous quotes, “ Don't Beat Yourself, Push Yourself, There is A Difference” and “ You Must Know The Difference Between A Push and A Punch”.

Lionel is remembered for his comical sense of humor. Although he didn't graduate college, Lionel says he has a life degree from TTU ( Trials And Tribulations University!). When Lionel speaks he leaves you with a lasting impression that will make you laugh, think or cry ( good tears).

Growing up, Lionel faced many challenges and hardships throughout his childhood and life, thus causing him to develop a desire for our youth who he currently mentors and inspires.

Lionel was not afforded the opportunity to be effectually mentored by his father. As a result, he had to develop personally through research, study and endure the growing pains to become the husband and father he is today. Lionel has a niche for helping others learn and understand thevalue and importance of mental and emotional healing.

Knowing he had to take action and turn the misfortunes in his life around for the be‚erment of others, Lionel loves to motivate and mentor young boys and men to birth their Divine potential and function in life at their highest peak.

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