Lick's Homeburgers

Restaurant in Ontario, Canada

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“Great Food, Served Fast”

Since 1980, Lick’s has been serving up mouthwatering burgers and shakes with style. From the very beginning when our founder Denise Meehan opened the first Lick’s in Toronto, we’ve made a promise to use only the freshest ingredients. Our Homeburgers are made with the finest lean-ground, pasteurized Canadian beef and a perfect blend of spices. Overtime our menu has seen tasty new additions–from our 100% meatless, award-winning Nature Burger, to our lean and juicy Gobbler turkey burger and our BBQ Chicken Breast Chick’n Lick’n–but one thing has always remained the same; our dedication to providing a fun, comfortable environment for you to relax, enjoy, and (most importantly!) eat in.

Lick’s has often been credited for bringing the gourmet burger phenomenon to Toronto and Canada. Besides our delicious meat burgers and hotdogs, Lick’s caters to all types of preferences and tastes. Chicken strips, Sloppy Joes, and Poutine, the Canadian classic, are all staples of their current menu.

Don’t eat meat? No worries! The PETA award winning Nature Burger is almost as popular as the Homeburger.

Our founder Denise Meehan was no exception to the crowd either. Her love for burgers moved from a pastime to a lifelong business. In 1979, she took the biggest risk of her life when she decided to move from the health industry to the food industry. Taking a $5,000 dollar loan out, she crafted the restaurant she had dreamt of; quick, friendly and quality. With those three objectives in mind, she founded Lick’s.

At one point there were over 30 Lick’s locations and at every one, the employees held true to the “Great Food Served Fast" motto. Then, in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, Lick’s was hit hard. Our dedication to high quality food at a reasonable price means slimmer profit margins, and in the wake of the global financial downturn, a number of our locations needed to close.

But we’re still alive and kicking! You can visit Lick’s at one of 13 locations across Ontario.