Lori D

Northwest Arkansas

I have climbed 14,000-foot high mountains, swam oceans and road horses through rivers, viewed earth below from a jet plane, and played in the jungles of Mexico. I have snorkeled, scuba dived, and swam with dolphins. I stop. I notice. I listen. I smell the roses. I see the colors. Teaching my boys to do the same is my passion. Jeff is now taller than me. Greg passed me last year. A 7th Generation Nebraskan - Class of 1980 - Went to UNL, was a Phi Mu. In 1982 -Moved to San Diego, CA - SDSU Grad. 1987 Mom, my best buddie died the same year. To heal I went to a European day spa and learned about the healing power of massage. Went back to school and studied Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Sports and Circulatory Massage. I am a Lover of Nature - Sierra Club Member - I love to help others heal. Became a Reiki Practitioner. I enjoy yoga, Qi-Gong, TM.. being Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically Phytt.. God lead me to Dean...a Navy Dude..married in 1992. Have two beautiful boys. My Step-Dad Bill died in 2005. My Dad, Ron retired in AR, so we moved to Springdale, AR after 22 years in San Diego. Dad lives on Beaver Lake with the best fishing hole in his backyard. He loves boating. We love jet skiing. Dad's Mom, Grandmother Marie is still peppy and full of love. She is in a Nursing Home. I don't visit her often enough. We have a cat named Puff who follows me when I walk. We sell Window Coverings; Shutters, Shades and Blinds. Our vendors have sent us on a few vacations. We've enjoyed the beaches of Jamaica and jungles of Puerto Vallarta. Seeing Dean and the boys have fun with the zip lines was awesome. Visualizing love for all of mankind and allowing good to prevail is my greatest desire. May God Bless You with an Abundance of whatever your heart desires!

  • Work
    • Business Owner
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Business - Emphasis in Marketing