Born for you

How blessed I was the day God brought Robert Dismore into my life and how blessed my life has been since. Honey, you are an amazing husband and my very best friend partner.

When I look at you I see my joy, my happiness, my love. How greatful I am to call you my husband. Thank you God for the gift of such a wonderful man and the love of a lifetime and the gift of life you have given us.

Honey, I laugh when I'm with you, happy and feeling safe and comfortable.

Being far apart is painful to my heart. My loneliness and sadness, when the day I need my husband shoulder to lean on and cry. I have no other wish to the Lord but to be with you in everyday living.

I have so many things that I wanna share with you to our future together, to show you something new, not only for one thing but everything. sharing things & take care each other,love, joy, happiness, tears, smile, laugh and in serious matter.

I am thinking of you all the time and saving my sweetness, care and love until each other arms. I am longing to be with you in inseparable life. I love you so much until forever.

Thank you for marrying me and being my wonderful husband and my very best friend partner that will listen without judgement and your understanding. I am always be here for you and loving you unconditionally!

Thank you for all the fresh, beautiful and lovely flowers you given me and everything.

Your loving wife, always.